85 Galgate | Barnard Castle | Durham | DL12 8ES | UK
+44 (0) 1833638757 | enquiries@homelandsguesthouse.co.uk
85 Galgate | Barnard Castle | Durham | DL12 8ES | UK
+44 (0) 1833638757 | enquiries@homelandsguesthouse.co.uk

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Our Philosophy

Slow Living, a project

“The main reason for which we decided to move to the English Countryside from Tuscany, is tied to the need to have more time to dedicate to family and feelings, while immersed in a the beautiful countryside to rediscover sensations and emotions often forgotten because of modern life”. (Glenda and Daniele)

Local products, Italian cooking

Slow living which characterises the life of Glenda and Daniele in Barnard Castle, brings with it the wish to use local organic products for breakfast in the morning and eventual dinners (dinner experience), which are compatible with their other commitments and based on family recipes, introducing a different culinary world to their guests. The world of everyday life is an italian home cooking, based on family traditions and where food has a “soul”. After all, we are what we eat.

Breakfast is served in original Bone China, as the hosts love tradition and wish their tables to have their proper character. Sometimes cups get broken, but they find new life in the garden, inside one of the many flower pots.

Food, Art and Music

It is fantastic being able to offer guests a pleasant and peaceful morning start with jazz music at Breakfast or a relaxing time at Dinner, punctual meals, paying particular attention to hygiene and the basic rules anti-Covid.

Everyone has a space at Homelands-Patrie in english and italian language. Infact there are paintings on the walls, done by various local artists which are exhibited with great pleasure and they are also for sale.

Time is precious

“An important note to make is the big difference between a Hotel and a family run Guest House or a small family business. Homelands Guest House is our home, the place where we live our lives, which includes work time, guest time, having a good time and our private lives, family. (Glenda and Daniele)”


“It is important enphasise that there are working hours like everyone else and during these hours we guarantee check in and check out (check in from 4 to 8pm and check out within 10am) and all the other duties that need to be done daily for the smooth running of a Guest House. Outside work hours is sacred to us which we dedicate to ourselves, to our family and to relaxation, all of which helps towards the quality to what we offer you” (Glenda and Daniele).